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Solitary Independent Sistah. The reality is that anybody can offer advice – and also this web log is proof – but this SIS suggests we remember to be just a little selective about whose recommendations we follow

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Steve Harvey: Many Thanks, but No Many Thanks

I don’t want to offend. I understand he’s got a following that is huge of fans, but you that personally i think some sort of method about taking advice from Steve Harvey. It is not necessarily individual, but he’s mostly of the relationship that is so-called on the market who has got numerous divorces under their gear. Yes, he’s married now, but let’s be real. As an individual girl, do i’d like their viewpoint on what i ought to get about building and sustaining a healthier, relationship? possibly it to his golden anniversary this time around, I’ll change my tune if he makes.

You can argue that he’s speaking from experience. Therefore, possibly his unsuccessful marriages have actually taught him steps to make relationships work. Nevertheless, from just what I’ve read of their publications and from what I’ve heard him preach, their shtick is more about telling solitary sistahs what direction to go to get a guy than it’s about instructing partners on the best way to keep relationships that are healthy. Continue reading

King of wands – enthusiast. Everyone is pointing that King Of Wands is fairly intimate, that is what my pal warned me personally too.

We asked my cards can I enter into a relationship this 12 months and pulled 3 cards.

King of wands, 3 of wands, X

Well, X is a glass card which ultimately shows 2 individual together cheerfully. I will be romantically involved with this King of wands so I am quite sure.

All along i have already been concentrating on King of Pentacles & King of cups.. hardly ever really continue reading King of Wands. Continue reading